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Bi Pride Shirts… the place for you guessed it… Bi Pride Shirts!
Actually we are the place for bi shirt designs of all sorts.
We are just a couple of people that think being out and being visible is the biggest and best thing anybody can do to battle bisexual erasure, put a damper on biphobia, and just plain show we exist.
Our big contribution to the simple idea of increasing bisexual visibility is to create as many cool bisexual related shirts as we possibly can. If we create enough then we are sure to eventually create one that YOU will love and wear, which will in turn increase bisexual visibility and help people notice there is a 'B' in LGBT.
So if you too are all about the cause and wanting to show your colors, you can check out our latest designs just by checking them out as we blog them HERE.
You can also skip around by jumping to one of our main bi pride shirts categories.

Bi Pride Shirts to help you show your pride.
Bi Visibility Shirts to help increase bisexual awareness by simply being visible.
Fun Bi Shirts which is basically a big mix of goofy, fun, cute, and funny shirts for people who identify as bi.
Flirty Bi Shirts because well… we ourselves are a bit flirty and everyone loves a good innuendo.
Bi Nature – A special selection of shirts we are working on simply because bisexual is 100% natural even though some people don’t think so.
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If you want to know more about us and how you can help,
just scroll to the bottom of this page for something like a mini mission statement.

Come on in and check out our shirts!.
Speading the Bi Pride, Bi Love, and Bi Visibility
bi pride shirt
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The Bi Pride Shirts mini mission statement:
The primary goal of the two goofy people making shirt designs and posting them on is to increase bisexual visibility and therefor help the bisexual community as a whole.
We wish to do this by creating shirts that represent all types of bisexuals. Like all communities there are differences in how people see things and identify. If you are a self identified bisexual you most likely will not agree with some of the statements and innuendos on some of our shirts. Some may even annoy you. Please keep in mind as you get annoyed though that the shirt design that bugs you so much does represent how someone else thinks, feels, and identifies. Those people’s experiences and lives are just as valid as your own. We wish to have shirts that represent everyone of every sort in the bisexual communities eventually.
With that said… please feel free to contact us with ideas. We would love to hear them. Serious, political, funny, whatever. Also please feel free to spread the word about us and help us on our quest even if you are not an out bisexual yourself and not able to wear a bi pride or bi visibility shirt.
Someday if enough people DO show their colors now a day will come when nobody has to be in the closet.

bi pride shirts